Audition Psych 101

is now in print!


Now you can take Audition Psych 101 with you wherever you go. It's four hours worth of workshop packed into 193 pages (highly recommended for reading in the casting office waiting room).


Audition Psych 101, the book, can be ordered from any of the following sources, or by requesting it at your local book store:




Barnes and Noble








"Man, I'm in so much love with this book, you have no idea. I've read probably 20 acting books in the last 6 months. This one cuts right to the practical advice we all need. There is SO much intangible, cerebral, hocus pocus being published out there. Thank you for writing an articulate, practical guide to improving my chances in the rooms. That's all I wanted." —A.D.


"An invaluable resource that should be a part of every actor's  toolkit." —K.K.